Holi Festival JAPAN 色で春を祝うインドの色かけ祭




2016年3月20・21日(日・月祝)両日10:00~17:00 荒天中止
JR 八王子駅 北口より徒歩1分 ユーロード商店街 (西放射線通り・横三商店街ステージ・横山町公園・中町公園・三崎町公園)
インドやエスニック風の物販店、八王子在住アーティストらによるインド芸能パフォーマ ンス、福引き、キッズブー ス、サリー着付け、カフェでのトークショーや個展、ヨガのデモンストレーション、八王子郷土芸能のパフォーマンスなどなど、ワクワクするイベントがいっぱい!


Hachioji becomes India! Get ready to be excited in this spring with hot Indian mood!!
[Date]: 20th(sun)&21st(mon) March 2016
[Time]: 10:00 to 17:00 * In case of rain, will be cancelled.
[Place]: YU road; one minute walk from JR Hachioji staton.
This event includes performances of Indian dances, music, talk show and Yoga demonstraion. There are different kinds of Ethnic shops too! We have a Kids booth to color Indian gods and change diapers for baby, and Saree booth where you can wear Indian traditional dress to take photo as an Indian king and princess!! Invite your friends and enjoy the festival!!!
[Website]: http://masalafes.tumblr.com/
Organized by Hachioji Masala festival committee, NPO Japan Dravidian Culture Relations
Supported by Hachioji City, Hachioji tourism association
Cooperated by Nishi Hoshasen Arcade Shopping District Promotion Association, Nakamachi shopping mall association, Yokoyama-cho mall arcade, Machizukuri Hachioji, Machikado club



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